Gratitude, it's the word of the day.

I spend each morning these days thanking the Powers that Be.  I remember, not too long ago, that I spent many mornings questioning those universal Powers.  I have always been pretty optimistic, even when faced with painful challenges, but I also felt that the Powers were spending an inordinate amount of time testing ME.  I could just picture them up above telling one another, “Watch THIS, people!  We spin her out of control and she always lands on her feet.  It’s amazing!”   

Like I said, these days I wake up floating in a sea of gratitude knowing that I have truly been blessed.  I walked a bumpy and painful road, and I’m grateful for that journey because that journey helped me become a strong independent woman.  And now this woman, this battered and exhausted woman, is terribly happy.  Frankly, I still pinch myself every day as I hold the hand of a fella who makes me feel valued, important, silly and special.  And after three years I am pretty sure that he may in fact be the real deal.

A lot has changed since I woke up and realized that I had to take charge of my own life, my own happiness and become a better role model for my children. I wanted them to know, most importantly, that we must all be treated with respect, kindness and love. But in order for that to happen, you have to help yourself.  You have to decide that you are important, that you are valuable, that you are lovable and that you are to be respected.  

Frankly, you have to love yourself. 

So yes, I am thanking the Powers that Be that my life is blessed.  I have taken a one-half year sabbatical (which I never thought I could afford to do) and am working on my master’s degree in writing and literature.  I guess those 75 post college credits and those two years of law school weren’t enough schooling for me, so I hope to have that additional degree when I am finally ready to retire.  (Which will probably be never since someone who shall not be named managed to steal ½ my retirement.)   However, while I work on my studies this semester I am spending many days in an amazing Caribbean Island where my fella just might own a lovely town-home.  That home might in fact have a view from the front porch of the clear blue water that surrounds the Cayman Islands, and might even have two jet-skis docked in the bay in the backyard.    

Now, I spend each morning thanking the Powers that Be.  I thank them for my struggle. I thank them for always helping me land on my feet. I thank them for the three incredible children who make me proud every SINGLE day. Oh, and I thank them for love.  

And then, I thank them for Fred, the man who reminds me every single day that life is grand, indeed.  


Sheila said...

I think you had to go through all the $#!t to get to this wonderful time in your life.
You have earned all that is coming to you now...and it is SO good to see you so happy!

Anonymous said...

Dammit! I'm waiting for part 2 of the medium post and you throw this beautiful tropical island getaway in my face instead!

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