Flatten the Damn curve. Please.

March 20, 2020 

March 20, 2020 

We came to The Cayman Islands on Christmas Eve, as we have been spending that particular holiday 
here for the last five years or so. My adult children seem to always have other plans at Christmas,
so instead of moping about at home in Pennsylvania, we decided to come to Fred’s home in
Grand Cayman instead. It has worked out very well, indeed.  

Who doesn’t want to be in the sunshine surrounded by clear blue water? 

We didn’t know at the time- as many of us didn’t- that we would be staying here a lot
longer than we had planned. 

We left briefly a few times in February - once for a funeral and once so that Sassy could
pick out her WEDDING GOWN. (That's another story entirely.) We hope that her wedding
will go on as planned, but we know that the events leading up to a wedding will most likely
be postponed or cancelled altogether. She is prepared for whatever this future brings.

We have done what we can here at Cayman to prepare to hunker down for the long haul. We hope it’s a
short haul, but are prepared emotionally and physically for a long haul. We have purchased just enough
food to last a few weeks or more, so that we can abide by the social isolation rule. We are not hoarding,
but want to have enough so that we don’t HAVE to shop or have anyone deliver to us.  

We have puzzles, games, booze,  snorkeling gear and the Caribbean in our front yard. I would say we
are far better off than most folks, and my heart goes out to them all.  While we could have returned to
the US this week, we felt that it was in our own best interest to stay here. I am 60 with high blood
pressure and a family history of heart disease, and Fred is 75. He just recovered from pneumonia in
February, has a heart condition and high blood pressure and other various underlying health concerns.
I was adamant that he stay put and not expose himself to anyone in airports or on airplanes. We
have to ALL be vigilant and make the best choices that we can. I am worrying about my own children
daily, but am sure that they are making good choices. I am threatening them with bodily HARM IF
THEY DON'T. I have ALWAYS told them to make good choices, but kids never listen, do they? Well
now their lives depend on it- and the lives of others around them.

You know the curve everyone is talking about?  THAT’S what we should all be contributing to --
flattening the curve and decreasing the amount of personal contact and helping save the lives
of all around us.

Don’t be stupid. 
Don’t be selfish.
Don't be reckless.
Don’t make spur of the moment decisions. 

Be smart. 
Be kind. 
Be smart. 
Think long and hard about going anywhere. 
Love from afar.

Flatten the damn curve. 


Lorraine said...

Stay well friend.

Carrie Koch said...

Love you. Be safe. Be well. Keep snorkeling.

MIchelle said...

I never thought I would live to see something like this happen in my lifetime. I to am high risk. It drives me nuts to see those crowd of kids in Florida at the beach and the officials do nothing.

I live in the middle of the country in MO. We have a governor who just doesn't get it so the mayors and counties are making rules. God help us all from the ineptness starting at the top.

Granny Sue said...

Stopping by from Coffeeontheporch blog to say hello. And 100% agree. We have an idiot governor here in WV, whose last speech sounded like sitting on the porch listening to a drunk uncle, as one friend said. It's maddening. Meanwhile, we're both in the high risk group and are sitting it out at home. Fortunately we're way out in the sticks and can roam these hills all we want with nary a sighting of another human. Stay well in your Caribbean paradise!

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