Sometimes it pays to be a talker...(Open the door and let people in...you never know who will walk through the door.)

It was back to school night and I had a very captive audience. (One of the great things about teaching first grade is that the parents are still enthusiastic about their children’s learning, and are fairly new to “Back to School” nights. )

I always begin my dog and pony show by telling the parents a little bit (or a WHOLE LOT) about myself.  I want them to know that I’m a parent and that I know exactly how they feel about placing their young child’s education in the hands of another.  I look at the children each day and know that they are someone's baby...just like mine where in someone else's room. 

This year I began by sharing about Golden Boy and his antics at the high school, followed by Sassy and her exploits at The College of Sports and Other Smart People; and ended with a little info about Bitchy.

My oldest, Bitchy, is currently living at home with her mother. She’s a recent graduate of Smythe and Wesson University and is now an unemployed Nutritionist.   The girl who won’t wear anything but Michael Kors, Anne Taylor Loft or Tory Burch is desperately seeking her dream job with the WIC PROGRAM.  So, if any of you out there need a nutritionist, please let me know.  If she doesn’t get a job soon, someone’s gonna get hurt at my house and I’m pretty sure that it won’t be ME.”

I entertained for a bit more, and then filled them in on all the important information they needed to know about my classroom, etc. I passed out way too many handouts, and asked for questions. 

I wrapped up the speech and the parents approached me throughout the rest of the night to ask some clarifying questions and to share some friendly chatter.   It took about an hour for the room to begin to empty, and I noticed a quiet, very lovely woman waiting with Steven, an adorable but quiet student in the class.  Steven had given her a tour of the room, and she waited patiently for the other parents to finish.  I turned and gave her my attention. We chatted about Steven, the class, and I answered a few of her questions.  We hugged quickly as she prepared to leave.  She was walking to the door and stopped. 

“Oh!”  She said as she turned to come back to me.  “I forgot to tell you.  I work for WIC.  We are actually in need of SEVERAL nutritionists.  Here’s my card.  Have your daughter email me at that email address tomorrow, and we can set up an interview.”  

Then she smiled again,  “It’s always nice to save someone’s life.”

I watched her chase Steven out the door and stood in shock for what seemed like days.

Oh.   My.  God.    

(Should we talk about coincidences?  Should we?)


G. B. Miller said...


Definitely like the old Forrest Gump line of a box of chocolates, eh?

marissa said...

Can you adopt me and get me hired too???

Formerly known as Frau said...

The world is small.....I hope nothing but good comes from this....you cracked me up I have a MK, Loft, TB college sophomore that is beyond clueless I hope when she graduates she finds a job or it's kmart, walmart for her new wardrobe !

SkylersDad said...

That is pretty darn amazing!

Japolina said...

It's amazing what the universe will provide if you just put it out there! A similar thing happened to me earlier in the school year!

ChiTown Girl said...

Woo hoo!! Yay for Bitchy!!!

Just getting caught up around here, after being away from over a month. =( I miss my Bloggy Buddies!


Steph said...

Sending employment vibes your daughter's way. Wishing you much peace and love. Thanks for your wonderful writing.

Karen said...

Yea!! A job! I don't know how teachers manage to do the "back to school night" so many years in a row. My kids went to Catholic school K-8. Each one, same teachers at each grade, I volunteered at school (constantly) so I knew them all and by the time #3 went to school I dreaded it with the "why me" attitude. Kuddos to you for keeping it fresh. Boy do I remember those days. Funny, with #1 it was painful to send him to school, less so with #2 and by the time it was #3's turn I did so without a backward glance. It's probably best I stopped at three.

Good luck to Bitchy!

Scope said...

You just never know.

And makes you wish if anyone knew any nice gentlemen who were looking for a "lady friend".

Joanie said...

Best of luck to Bitchy! And once again, you offer proof that the world is generally very good to those who share a bit about themselves to strangers.


carrycash said...

Thanks for post,And best of luck for future.

Woman in Love said...

Ya gotta open up to let something in! Hope your moments of vulnerability lead to many blessings! What a great moment - thank you for sharing (made my day much more hopefilled)

Unknown said...

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